A small webmaster fuss

had nothing to do last month and did a lyric literature forum. Mainly include lyrics, literature appreciation, that is, in the lyrics of the rhythm of the literature to appreciate. Do some promotion, did not play any role, and Baidu is not included, Google it today, accept tomorrow K, I do not know what to do. I’m a beginner. I’ve seen a lot of promotion these days. In Baidu, and dispatch, 163, Tianya, Sohu have established blog. My name is a blog called lyrics literature. Is estimated to produce some effect: Baidu is still completely indifferent, Google brought me the lyrics to K literary forum, Tianya lyrics instead included literature (that I built), but the lyrics and the literary blog but also home. I can only comfort myself when I am sad.

it’s true that Baidu is busy. Google is very atmospheric, be of two minds. Really, I have to post every day on the BBS, can flow to very little, registered people is very few.

is the experience of the past few days, and now feel exhausted. Know how many people on the Admin5, I hope to get some advice, I do these above are not all redundant,


, just say something else. I don’t need to say more about the purpose of this forum. So I’m looking for Wangzhuan information, early know Wangzhuan this thing, but now only try. It is said that this has been very hot, but the fire to the money less. Finally did not find any chance, no way to start. Blind stroll, see pig eight quit this station, and want to study or design, go to pig Ba Wan whole. Well, some things have to start from scratch, I’m a little afraid of the beginning. Learn photoshop. Then download a loaded, prompt registration error, and go to register. Looking for a long time, no results, but also do not know how to do. There is no way to listen to it, and chose the "high end" singing "go to the end" and Wang Zheng’s "the more pure, the more happy" cycle to listen to. Do not idle, the financial crisis is very serious? To see what are China tech companies, is also a search in Baidu Shuidao?, no relevant information. Later, I thought, I guess I have made some money with sanlu. Forget it. Look for a net. It’s really hidden, not found, and the adult feelings are ignored. In order to protect the minor children, it is worthwhile to say the bottom. Isn’t there an official who molested children recently? It seems as if nothing were done. Unconsciously, more than half of the day’s time, what do you do in the afternoon?. What should we do when someone like us doesn’t know the technique and wants to be a little webmaster? When I’m secretly grateful for the layoffs, it’s time to learn something. What is good, so in the future want to pretend to be a webmaster to be easy to expose.


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