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Just graduated college students regrets SEO along the way is not easy

it has been 6 years, access to the internet. It’s hard to lose too much lately, SEO. 2009 graduates, jumped out of the thatched cottage, looking back to the past! In the early years of the university to help others modified a QQ code website made the first RMB. Later, self-study, plus efforts to gradually promote the development of the network direction. Do not less than 20, the size of all, all the way through the work pressure, worry about personal gains and losses, the feelings of the storm!

recently worked at a company, mainly responsible for website promotion. Try various ways to improve the website, down-to-earth, for the sake of the company, a month to the company’s new station PR value of 0 liters to 3. Baidu originally only included the home page, now has reached thousands of, ALAX ranking promoted several W. Admit that SEO is not a master, but not a beginner. More than 10 of their standing, ranking every day in the promotion of these days, a thing happened to me too much, my friend and I did ASP flowers website, the company is also operating e-commerce flower website. BOSS found my own website of flowers yesterday and was ready to sue me for infringement. Here, I don’t want to say anything more. Will it snow in June?.

A, company website: www.jphua.com China boutique flower network


B, their website: www.zj95.com China discount flower network


for the above site, we do technical analysis:

A website uses PHP+MS-SQL development, website picture and content, Internet resource is shared,

B website uses ASP+ACC development, website picture and content, Internet resource is shared,

website art, two concepts, we can first see Kazakhstan, you know, I do not understand how the matter?

question 1, is it work in the flower industry website, you can not do the same industry Web site?

answer: now I’m on probation with the company. I haven’t signed any confidentiality contracts with the company.

question 2, did I steal the company’s website source code for private use?

answer: Heaven and earth conscience, I am a just debut college students, this copyright law, how much should be clear. Illegal things, I dare not do it, any expert to analyze my website, and you can not pull the edge.

question 3, will you take away the old client of the company,


answer: I have been working in the company for so long that customer service systems rarely log in because of the techniques I do. So there’s no contact at all. QQ customer service account password, how can you take away your old customers?. QQ every day is their own, the company’s QQ what I do not know.

4, is not stolen by the server and the domain name ?


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