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Forget forget the Baidu search engine to make a stand

this topic, estimates there are a lot of people oppose, not the search engine how do we live? Website how development? In fact, you misunderstood me, I told you to stand to block search engines, you don’t have to learn TAOBAO, because we have the strength of a small station. But we can forget the search engines, forget about it, and never even SITE.

some people ask, forget about the search engine, where the website traffic? Income where? I ask you, but make a lot of money, in addition to the search engine itself, there are a few stops is to make search through our website? The purpose is to make money, there are many channels, electronic business is a way to make money online is really, but there are many webmaster is to begin with the aspects of planning, many owners are stuck in I make a stand, and then put on GG, Baidu alliance, and then worked hard to earn that money flow, milk powder, especially do not feel tired? The garbage station friend, actually I sympathize with these friends, hard ah, but also Baidu’s face is not easy.

forget the search engine, not ask you to lose him, but to ignore him and ignore him. If you are today Baidu K your stand and marjie words, that you do not fit the station, you do stand is not viable. We should focus on how to make money, although normally flow only income this truth seems to be normal, don’t forget, when you stand on the real search, not far from death.

I took my own station as examples, I stand is very small, only a forum, domain name, http://s.www.xsart.net station for more than 2 years, IP 2000-3000, and more time to Baidu included 1W, GG and ALIMAMA also put, you see that, I like the broken station are not earning money, ah, can not earn a lot of money, I earn money for small, selling text link income a few hundred, do GG received a few blocks, ALIMAMA received a few hair, looks less of it, ha ha, but enough to raise a station, of course, the truth is money alliance search for, careful friends will find, I also sell something, in fact, these things is the only source of income. IP less does not mean that there is no money, hundreds of IP, the income of the W station, some are not rely on search, test the quality of the site and content, as well as users need things. So that your station is valuable, not what the so-called weight, PR what, users will not see these.

to tell you the truth, forget the search is not easy, but we have to do this, I am in favor of figure wangdage said "fast, accurate and relentless" money making ideas on the network to make money by the day after tomorrow, today, the market has changed, so some money to earn. You see, if you’re waiting for a search to help you make money, do you think you’re making a lot of money,


, finally, say "I >"


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