Ten tips on improving your site

in fact, the improvement of the site is not a time-consuming thing, do not need too much cost input, there will not be a lot of technical difficulties, only a little common sense to consider, and then determined to implement it. And the website after improving the affinity effect is incomparable, the following is to improve the site of ten suggestions:

first, attract search engine

ensures that websites attract search engines. An affinity user site is also a web site for search engines. Add text description and title in a large number of pictures, text navigation bar instead of pictures or Java language menu, avoid frame structure, Flash or any interfere with the search engine spiders index encoding, each page and add the title element identification guide page content matching, the target keywords and search terms for dispersed in the web site. The search engine to search, your site can get good rankings and included into the good directory, if necessary, should ask professional script help write the advertisement text, not only taking into account the readability of the script will do. These are good ways to attract search engines.

second, layout should be reasonable,

should follow common sense practices on the design layout of each page of the web site, so that every page is designed reasonably and the layout is in harmony. That is to say, the same page uses a uniform color, logo, coordinated navigation bar, title and footer, and the link features are consistent. This helps the affinity viewer, and does not confuse them with the web site, thereby losing interest in continued browsing.

third, add sitemap

regardless of your site size, you should add a detailed text format, the station map, each link in the map should be every page to the site, each page with the best content. The advantage of adding maps to the station is that you don’t have to link each page to your home page. Just make sure you have these links on the map inside the station. Maps in the station not only allow visitors to find some special information from your site, but also a good food for spider crawlers, which makes it easy to index the search engines to every page on the site.

fourth, to establish a reasonable navigation structure

When designing a web navigation menu for

, use a reasonable title and link description. For example, web design services are more intuitive than Internet services. Use Cookie Crumbs to indicate the location of the site where the browser is located. Just like at the top of some sites and search portals, tell the browser what category or web page you’ve already browsed, leading the browser to understand the path of the entire site. You can use the Call-to-Action link mode to guide the viewer to view the next page or take the next step, such as clicking here, making a reservation, adding the page to the tag, or looking at the directory.

fifth, periodic check error >


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