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Personal websites should be kept away from advertising such as QQ winning

the vast majority of personal websites rely on advertising to make money, but personal websites need to be careful in choosing advertising, not to put some illegal ads for what little money. If the personal website in order to earn advertising fees or the owners rush into danger, chained and thrown into prison be punished, it may become the laughingstock of the people! Personal webmaster should keep in mind "do not take ill-gotten gains this sentence.

for now, Google, Adsense, Baidu alliance, Ali mom these three Internet advertising giant, the company strength, credibility guaranteed. It should be said that these 3 ads are currently the largest personal website in china. Of course, some of the country’s small advertising alliance credit is also good, but choose to know more about.

, whether advertising through an advertising alliance or trading directly with advertisers, there are some ads that can’t be done.

1, adultury or walking obscene vulgar advertisements, advertising more be nothing difficult. Not long ago, the national regulation to combat Internet pornography special action office on pornographic websites advertising "518 advertising alliance", "nine wins advertising alliance" was carried out concentrated rectification.

2, Liuhe lottery and other illegal lottery online gambling illegal advertising.

3, online illegal sexual drugs advertising, sexually transmitted diseases advertising, as well as some health products illegal advertising, claiming that products have therapeutic effect, should also be particularly vigilant.

4, QQ winning and other deceptive advertising

QQ winning ads are mostly deceptive, and some personal website owners receive the winning advertising information, those crooks give advertising prices are often high, of course, some Adsense asking price is very high. General QQ winning advertisers will pretend to think about it, eventually agreed to accept the owners of the price, and require owners to provide bank card number, pretend to do immediately to the payment or action. At the same time, ask the webmaster to do advertising first, and prove that the website is the webmaster himself. For the advertising, QQ winning advertisers will immediately find a suitable reason, for example, no Alipay, no open online banking or do a point immediately after the bank transfer out for the webmaster be


even if advertisers give you money, so the money you earn can ease? It is very likely that your website become the accomplice, causing some people cheated a lot of money to a lot of people will say it nicely!, that is a


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