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Web Analytics the impact of web core content on visual performance

"optimizing and refining information is always the first step in design."." This is a Baidu alliance user experience center Banner words. In the process of doing web design, more and more such a summary of personal experience and ideas. Of course, this pithy sentence actually contains a lot of content, I personally think that this includes at least four aspects: first, from the site of the entire appeals, the website needs to realize what information can be better placed on the page? What information is needed to preserve? And what information is needed in other place the page or simply discard? Two, to have been confirmed in place page information, how to write better text, select images to achieve functional and visual appearance of the perfect unity? Three, important distinguishing information, which is important, need to focus on the performance? And what is the secondary some information? Four, to distinguish the primary and secondary information, in the layout, color, size, namely how to visually highlight and better


almost every part of the four part of the discussion of the topic, so in this article I only have fourth aspects, that is the relationship between "core content and visual expression to sort out and summarize their understanding in this respect, I will try to take into account the content are written, and give some specific examples to illustrate my point of view, to facilitate a better understanding of all.

1. The effect of core content on page layout


is a WordPress site construction company, on its homepage from top to bottom can see that several parts: information navigation, Logo, slogans, works show, the reason we choose, contact form, log list, email subscription, Twitter information and copyright information. Among them, the first vision is undoubtedly the company’s slogan and works show, this is the main content of this site’s home page. Because, as a website construction company, intuitive to let customers know what you are doing, how dry? Should be most customers want to know the content. So what are the visual considerations for the core content,


we can see in the slogan on the designer to "WordPress" this word used very large text size, and color difference between a and other words, use the deep gray, stressed that the company is specialized in the construction of WordPress for the background of the website. Map of large size display in the bottom of the propaganda work, width to 540 pixels, and the design of the entire width is 1000 pixels on the homepage of the big size of display can be very clear and direct to customers see what works for the company, thus making standards have a visual impression. And such a large size of the show, in fact, has been vague to determine the layout of the entire site. Think about it. After putting a 540 pixel wide 460 pixel rectangle on the top left of the screen, which letters should be placed in the next area?


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