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Tencent mergers and acquisitions Kang Sheng will increase the new choice of small and medium sized w

users will be released with the domain name discuz.com and comsenz.com Shengqi Kang under whois information acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng a has been settled. On the current situation, Tencent mergers and acquisitions Kang Sheng will bring new and small systems to select a new situation, which will be Tencent mergers and acquisitions will inevitably emerge trend.


Dai Zhikang said, Tencent mergers and acquisitions Kang Sheng will not force users to choose Tencent system, but there will be a dedicated service team for the maintenance of Kang Sheng system products before service. If Dai Zhikang is right, so from this view, the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng not only promotes for small and medium-sized websites and acquisition of Tencent Kangsheng for small and medium-sized website will also create more value in the platform, revenue etc..

1, double system share, webmaster add new system, select the situation,

Tencent acquisition of the most direct manifestation of Kang Sheng, first of all, grassroots Adsense community operations will increase the new secondary conditions. At present, most of the grassroots Adsense in the capital and operational problems, no exception has become a barrier to the development of their web site difficulties. And now, in the case of the Tencent and Kang Sheng, the grassroots webmaster will have the opportunity to re – select the situation.

Tencent MampA Kang Sheng, Kang Sheng foundation will make the products while maintaining the original power and vitality will be beyond the resources and the number of users into the Tencent’s platform, which for a small website in the numerous, this convenience is a natural rain. Whether in community marketing or content cooperation, Tencent platform and Kang Sheng products between the advantages of combining, which will make small and medium-sized websites in content, operating platform and other advantages to a new level.

on the other hand, the merger of Tencent and Kang Sheng will enable the future electronic community to have the choice of the two modes of the Tencent system and the Kang Sheng system. With the hand is now approaching the end of schedule, we can see that the community of the two products will tend to open up the trend in many places, the small and medium-sized website community marketing, will also be huge benefits in such a link.

through the combination of the two to provide a larger platform, and thus in marketing, operating channels and other small and medium-sized sites to provide opportunities for promotion, which is Tencent’s acquisition of Kang Sheng, one of the advantages of grassroots adsense.

2, the electronic community will expand personal Adsense operations

before someone says, the main factors of acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng, Tencent is hoping to sing Discuz! Product perfect Tencent community, if the factor of Tencent Kang Sheng MampA in true words, then the Tencent and Kang Sheng together will undoubtedly promote the electronic community in Chinese Internet boom, and as a result for small and medium-sized website will also bring huge revenue the site value.

is in some of the current regional web sites, because the ground >


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