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Talking about happy net of Baidu’s top spot

People who are constantly looking at Baidu or Baidu search rankings know that

is a good place to go. Now happy network has kaixin001.com and kaixin.com two websites. And it’s all very hot. On the surface, it looks like the "campus network" and so on. Remember when Kaixin first debuted, did not support registration, and had to be invited to register. The more it is, the more registered people there are. Why,


1: happy network settings are convenient for users to experience, as long as a little mouse, you can leave footprints, gifts.

2: happy net pays great attention to interactive, in happy online account has understood this, there are many small games, vegetables, stealing food, what jokes game.

3: Show "good" results or "funny" results to friends and bring together friends around you.

seems to have nothing to do with blogs. Two, too. Happy nets don’t do their own articles. They’re written by others. It’s better than blogging. Like the campus network, can you guarantee that you have been concerned since you left school? It’s impossible. Happy net is different. It has both the fashion elements of the campus network and the absence of limitations.

In fact,

, networks are constantly changing and developing, maybe a few years, the new fashion elements of the new market, this system will in the form of a blog like collapse, game development to web games.

article originates from the boat of sense of transport: http://s.www.hgzz.net/newshow.asp, keyid=2049


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