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The appearance of Baidu and the connotation of Baidu

Baidu has gone through 8 years and has been on the market for 3 years. Today I have a special understanding of "Baidu" and some Baidu related data reports, and have sorted out the impression of Baidu in different roles over the past few years. Have to admire, Baidu really has a gorgeous appearance, but at the same time feeling gradually blurred connotation.

in May 2000, Baidu for the first time for the portal site – Silicon Valley power search technology services, after the rapid occupation of the Chinese search engine market, has become the most important search technology provider. In August 2001, Baidu.com released the search engine Beta version, from the background to the public oriented independent technology providers to provide search services, and in the first Chinese PPC business model, October 22, 2001 officially released the Baidu search engine.

in August 5, 2005, Baidu listed on Nasdaq, becoming the most prominent listed company in the global capital market in 2005.

until today, Baidu’s market share and earnings have to say that Baidu’s success is largely about timing and marketing strategies. Baidu’s early black proxy strategy, and even the agency’s computer Baidu as a home page, had to make people admire. Baidu’s viral marketing has been impressive so far, and it can be said that Baidu has opened up a new world with two ways of combining elegance and vulgarity. Google and YAHOO, by contrast, seem a bit of a gentleman. "A hooligan can do martial arts, and nobody can stop it.". MP3 image search and "body art" and copyright search, very good to meet the conditions of Chinese and XX website by netizens after hunger. It can be said that Baidu’s timing and the grasp of the Chinese market are beyond the reach of other search companies.

in recent years, Baidu has been increasingly questioned by the industry, after the agent "black eat black" after bidding advertising serious sacrifice user experience, lack of communication, and a large number of intervention search results. The only thing Baidu has not lost is a large number of low-level users and helpless customers, while partners, peers, personal owners and other relations are getting worse.

and Baidu’s mission reads "


Baidu’s mission: to get people the most convenient access to information, to find the requested

Baidu’s responsibility: to make the world more effective and make people more fair,

Baidu’s character: simple, dependent on

from Baidu’s financial report, in a short period of time, the capital market will not have too much of a crisis for Baidu, because the earnings report or a lot of shareholders satisfaction. However, due to the influence of the capital market, Baidu continued to expand on the basis of the original, whether horizontal or vertical. Baidu’s product line began to stretch longer and longer, and Baidu Japan was born with proof. Baidu’s competitors are also growing, but a losing Baidu is afraid of a crisis, whether it’s capital markets or strategic decisions or macro factors. Because Baidu has been unable to take China as an excuse.


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