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The impact of domain name deletion or deactivation on network promotion

do SEO in a lot of people no matter how to optimize the site is not included, if there is such a problem urgently is of no use, may your site have a variety of reasons are not included in the search engine, which had the greatest impact domain was deleted, if your domain name is deleted after it is likely before information is included in the search engine, when your domain is deleted, search engines will not be included in the long time, if you will slowly disappear even in the search engine K was closed, so that the domain name is deleted it has a great influence on the optimization of SEO, and down infer why well before the domain name registered people say do not do, the possibility of a, this site has no use for the previous owner, so it is not in the renewal, if such a good point, you do not have SEO What effect?. The possibility of two, before the owner of the domain name using the domain name for SEO promotion, but there may be a violation of the treaty search engines are not included, so the previous owners of this domain is useless, so naturally death and automatically delete it, if you continue to do SEO, this is very troublesome, because the domain name has entered the search engine blacklist, but you still may be how to go to make up the possibility of? Three, domain name is deleted too long, the search engine has been too long without crawling in the domain name, so this time requires a lot of work to lure spider crawling to your site. The above three points most likely, so that the domain name was deleted has great influence on the optimization of the SEO, so that you do SEO webmaster, to the history of the domain name record detailed check before registering a domain name, if you are unfortunately registered this domain, how to optimize, I have some methods we can try. I hope you can help solve these problems.

1, the website was deleted soon after you registered the domain name

if at this time you registered the deleted domain, it wouldn’t be very troublesome, because the general search engine completely kicked out of the deleted site is about half a year, so if you deleted in domain name within half of registered SEO optimization will not be in trouble, to do is to pull a snapshot of progress. Let the website snapshot update as soon as possible to the day, so that the snapshot method generally have the following:

(1): write, soft soft Wen is the best way, because a high quality of soft Wen is the search engine the most love, so you write text to search after the higher weights in the engine of the website, the general schedule is closer to the snapshot by soft to do, so soft text is very snapshot method favorable.

(2), post: multiple posts can also pull the snapshot, but no time to find some high power important forum and Post Bar, general search engines will have their own Post Bar, so use the search engine to give you the platform to post is the best, because the search engine’s own product weight is very high then, to find some high weight forum posting, then pull snapshot is relatively fast, but.


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