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Several basic ways to improve user experience

We often chat in the

user experience, the user experience can say smallpox drunk, are often very difficult to make it clear. But no matter how the impact of the Internet users of the product, loyalty or user experience, therefore, we should start from the most basic way to understand the user experience, with a specific method to improve the user experience, it is not empty talk.

first, think like a user. It sounds like crap, everybody knows, but it’s the ultimate way to improve the user experience. As operators of Internet products or product manager, we tend to think of this product function, page layout and response button will allow users to have what kind of feelings, but we often lack the user to think how to want to use your product, which brings the inconsistency of product design and user needs, but also the product developed after the user experience of root cause of the poor.

secondly, the simplest and most feasible way: first let your relatives and friends experience your products. When we develop the product, we can use the most direct resources around to test the product user experience, which is the quality control of Internet products and user experience improvement process. Track your friends using the developed Internet products, let them talk about their views and feelings, listen to their opinions and suggestions, and then find out the most make them feel unfriendly place, so it can be in the product has not officially launched when the market is a real test user friendliness, take this way to find the shortcomings of the user experience than by hypothesis and way of thinking to determine the user friendliness of much more effective, because the real user gives constructive advice is the most worthy of improving the user experience.

should also be cautious before deciding to improve the user experience of the product. Prior to the user experience of Internet products, the user experience of most users needs to be carefully analyzed. When an Internet product start is not 100 per cent to meet the needs of all users, therefore, when the product is found in the user experience is not good, to analyze the problem for individual users or the most common user, if only a very small or very few users to receive, can not adjust the temporary retention and after a period of running, you may find that you design Internet product is the user experience is good for almost all users.

also, improving the user experience should provide users with the most valuable functionality. Internet products, especially the software developers in the process of product development and design will easily lead to the function of the product spread, the project is more complex, the boss or the product manager is always in every possible way to enrich the function of the product, but this is most is the talk of users, if the product function is increased there is no value to the user, the more functions it will let users feel disgusted, poor user experience will make the product slowly lose customers. Therefore, a successful >


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