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Name one of the most guilty things ‘ve ever done in the domain name space

I am Qiu Donghua, Qiu Donghua is me, my real name is this, 05 years on the domain space agency, I have been convinced that the sale of the real name system, because I have a reputation behavior can reflect the integrity of your attitude, just when the agent and everyone else, have a to realize the cognitive process, I also encountered black service providers, is to pay agency fees run away or low product quality, service and garbage, I remember when I first made a call the next network of agents,

cooperation smoothly!

during this period there was a customer when I buy a space to install the phpwind forum, there is often the memory access location is invalid "prompt, I think is the problem of space, this time I have contacted the next person to solve, but solve many times or mistakes, I I remember one night when I was out of work on the road, called up a client over what cannot access the forum said, then I immediately contact the server administrator, the final results is the next person accidentally put the customer to delete the database, let me talk to the customer to explain what the later, I also tell a client, admitting his mistake, should not be such a space agency sold to customers, customers at that time is also estimated in a fit of anger, and even the use of coarse language Rough language, now think about all can understand, after so many years, really feel is wrong, if you can contact that customer, must apologize to face to face, and even compensation, after all, the customer is not wrong,


now search for "Qiu Donghua" in Baidu, the first link is the customers in the network forum that I, http://s.www.baidu.com/s? Ie=gb2312& bs=%BD%F1%C3%F7%CD%F8%C2%E7& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=%B3%F0%B6%AC%BB%AA& ct=0 I have to see, I have put this article customer of three years. As a lesson to his encouragement, is that you do something wrong, if the wrong will have to reflect, to listen to the views of others, and to be improved, I believe myself in IDC this road go farther! Three years, the number of my clients have already accumulated over 5000, annual sales of 100W so, I insisted on doing so, but so far, on their own is not good news, you can find on the Internet is that! That three years from has insisted Honesty is right, I’ll try to keep it up,

since the lessons, I rarely do too small space business agent, not to say that their products have much junk what, or think they have the ability to service, as everyone knows, now this chaos IDC market, adhere to the high-quality low price service businesses is less and less, because of the price and service has been very contradictory, so consider to do > agent


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