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The chain of a web site is still very important

website optimization, website ranking has now become the network marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) mainstream topic. So how to make good use of the search engine platform, SEO has become a force that cannot be ignored. But the success of SEO is winning the link.

little brother has a small movie network, mainly to do online movie keywords, but now I’m in the key word inside the station, more and more behind.

I carefully analyzed what the reason is, the answer is on the chain.

in Baidu search online movie the first web site, I in the webmaster online inquires, just included 5 pages, but the chain has more than 7800, I carefully look at the chain, basically all blog mass or BBS mass. I looked down slowly in front of the station except for a few, the other is a lot of chain.

in Baidu search Tudou shot fourth of the site, it is rubbish, no more garbage standing, but his daily traffic estimate at least 10W,

potatoes, nets, 97SESE and other keywords are front, I see not much included, but it is more than the chain, and it is obvious that there is a group of forums.

from this can be seen, the chain of a web site is very important, for Baidu, garbage chain is more important role.


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