My network ten years 1999

wants to publish directly in stationmaster net, but half day editor does not open. In fact, I do not write the soft text, and I did not want to use this way to promote their website. Thank you very much for the comment of the last article of "big bird". As a webmaster, we all have our own stories. Most of us devote ourselves to youth.

, 99 years, the millennium is coming,


New Year’s day, I went to Hangzhou internship! At that time, I have more familiar with the computer, but are in the DOS, the average can chew a book every week, almost every week to see the computer newspaper. One day, in the bus, occasionally see a natural audio and video places, you can access the Internet, in Hangzhou, what position has been forgotten. The first time to go, looked at the announcement, online 10 yuan per hour, deposit 200., then pocket only 100 dollars, and the waiter said 100, with identity cards mortgage, she actually disagreed. Second days, with 200 dollars, open the computer, with the Win98, actually do not know what to do! Two hours on the muddleheaded.

internship after returning to school, as the school computer teacher is just a IBM notebook, also printed the first intimate contact CAI to us. Heart that excited ah, unfortunately, then my seat in Lishui no Internet cafes,


after the Spring Festival, Lishui has the first Internet cafe glorious Internet cafe. I often go online with my girlfriend and teacher on weekends. It was my teacher who taught me how to use YAHOO, search YAHOO for other websites, and know an English word "sex". At that time, in addition to chat rooms, that is pornographic websites. I vaguely feel that the Internet will be more and more widely used, at that time in love, I was thinking, and later can chat with my girlfriend online, save telephone charges, so I pay special attention to the chat rooms everywhere!


during the summer vacation, I went to Jinhua to see my classmates playing mud and qq. At that time, I basically did not touch these. In September, the new school year, girlfriend not suitable to say break up, I didn’t want to, in Internet cafes playing red alert for half a month. Then I went to Shanghai and worked for a Taiwanese company responsible for computer maintenance. In fact, I didn’t do anything at that time, or my boss’s son taught me how to send and receive e-mail, as well as the use of digital cameras and printers.

was young and ignorant, and he was back in Zhejiang in less than two months. Back to the school turned around, want to open Internet cafes, but the family does not support. It’s been a year.


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