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Site analysis of fifth advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords pulse packet segmentation

— content grouping, subdivision,

"as the basic unit of the website, recorded a variety of digital content, like a forest site analysis of the blog page; or the enterprise product publicity page, contact page; page type complex point like ecommerce site: home page, landing and various activities of all kinds of goods and merchandise page list page it is too many to count, plus the shopping cart page and other pages in the shopping process, the content of the website of this series is composed of a large electricity supplier website. If one by one to analyze all the content, it is neither realistic nor what do data analysis results; subdivision, often want to focus on a classification of goods (such as the classification of goods a brand summary) or a class of function "(for example, all goods list page summary) the filtered data, but how different forms of web content the classification, after class and usually pay attention to what indicators? This is the website analysis advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords – fifth pulse" wants to talk about.

web content grouping:


web content mainly depends on the site analysis business needs: content sites usually column content as the basis of classification, such as "Sports", "entertainment", "finance and economics" and so on; the enterprise propaganda station can be "business class", "news", "customer service support" etc. are classified; so for the same website only a content grouping? The answer is, on what basis for content grouping mainly depends on your current website of business objectives and report object to 1 in an electronic commerce website as an example, the sales department, design department or operation Department, "grouping analysis design are not the same:

since the complex business decision, we are destined to face various web packet mode, how to organize the web page in the website analysis tool to implement these groups?

site analysis way for the realization of "general packet tools are divided into two types: one is to provide" grouping function interfaces directly in the tool, convenient non technical personnel direct manual operation; another need to add the corresponding packet collection Tag code in the page data in the markup code or in the tool for special filter "the URL configuration to disguise the packet with. Each of these two implementations has advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends primarily on the site analysis tools currently being used and the level of implementation of the technology.

Table 1: comparison of advantages and disadvantages of web page grouping


next, we combine website analysis tools to introduce several commonly used page grouping methods:

(1) manual grouping

for many non-technical people, it is convenient to manually handle web pages manually in an analysis tool, of course, which requires analysis tools:


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