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Where to go the general director of the resignation of new venture will be published

people go up, everyone has a dream of entrepreneurship, the recent, where the father of the director resigned to choose their own business, and now, his latest work will be available!

conference, the original "Hunan TV dad where to go" program director, has resigned venture Xie dikui launched the first venture network variety show "about! Big star "program, has been invited to the Golden Horse winner Ethan Ruan, Huang Jingyu stars such as red meat and resident guests, there will be numerous Hua Yiqi artists as flying guests, and Tencent will rely on the huge user base to achieve cross screen interactive.

"network variety show everyone the impression is taken in the shed slobber, more, but this time we have to do is the first tranche of pure network outdoor reality show. Network reality show, although relatively small, but once not exciting, then the user may turn off, so it is also a challenge for me, but also hope to give you a new feeling." According to the bar! Big star, the program set up, a few stars will be turned into a big coffee Aladdin magic lamp, in the All Star House in the collection of friends wish, and help them solve the problem, to achieve the dream.

in addition to "about! Big star ", Huayi vast will also collaborated with Zhejiang satellite TV" brothers "," run the negotiator ", in cooperation with Iqiyi variety show" I want to go to school 2 "; 66 episodes, Du Chun and Hai Qing in the novel" the woman is not strong "days can not be forthcoming, William Feng, Ma Tianyu, starring Victoria Song the IP film" city of fantasy "has also been successfully finished in theaters summer.

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