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Xiamen dragon cooperation zone to get rid of the traditional rising to try to take the special field

powerful combination is the choice of many enterprises and regions in the development of a win-win strategy. So, what are the unique advantages and significance of the combination of Xiamen dragon cooperation zone? The following and Xiaobian together to understand it.

last November with China CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd about December successfully signed, just a month’s time, the heavyweight of the central enterprises will successfully settled — 135 kilometers from Xiamen Fujian Xiamen Longyan Shanhai Cooperation Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Xialong cooperation zone") is currently speeding up the construction like a raging fire.

in April last year, the demonstration area, bridgehead and other tasks in one of the Longyan mountain and Xiamen Economic Cooperation Zone inaugurated. Over the past year, Xiamen City, Longyan two work together to promote innovation driven Xialong cooperation zone in the soft environment, system planning, financial innovation and other "invisible" aspects, get rid of the traditional path, the zone is rising "to try to take the special aura, creating difficulties ahead DC speed.

efficiency > construction to cap only 100 days

wide and clean roads, patchwork of green belt, the factory building…… Last week, the reporter went to the Xiamen dragon cooperation area, just a year, Xiamen city cooperation framework has been opened.

, which started the area of the 2 General Plant cap, from the approach to the construction of the cap took only 100 days time.

reporter learned that, so far, Xiamen dragon cooperation zone to speed up the network infrastructure framework, packaging construction Yan Shi Industrial Park, Pak – suban industrial road network, to start the construction of intercity expressway, while speeding up the cooperation zone of water and power supply, sewage, communications and other infrastructure construction, promote the substation, water and the network by the end of the project completed and put into operation, efforts to improve the matching and cooperation zone production and living facilities, enhance the cooperation zone capacity.

service > within one day after finishing three procedures

business sector registration, organization code certificate…… Three procedures, one day after finishing – after settled, China South Locomotive Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd once again feel the speed and efficiency of Xiamen cooperation zone.

is the only cooperation area in China that can enjoy the special zone and the Soviet Union policy. The cooperation zone is optimized in the business environment.

reporter learned that the implementation of the first cooperation in Xiamen dragon District accountability system, the implementation of the service business, while simplifying the approval process, administrative examination and approval speed. Fan Yi, deputy director of the Bureau of economic affairs, Xiamen cooperation zone, said that the recommendation of Xiamen Cooperation Zone


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