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Want to let the long term profitability of the restaurant look at it

we know now, the catering industry is fire, but not all restaurants are able to profit over the long term, some restaurants opened soon collapsed, these restaurants are closed, there are still some reasons can be summarized.

We all went to various types of food consumption

A, my downstairs "Tianwaitian restaurant" has finally changed hands. I think this is a matter, because they do not understand the service; a Wanda Plaza edge fire Xinjiang small restaurant was closed, it had been expected, because they don’t know how to deal with customers.

two, inexplicably, imperceptibly Street "Chengdu snack", into the money after the first meal of the rules, it makes a lot of customers is not used, they explain that they are fast, so money first. As if they’re just like McDonald’s, are they qualified and capable of doing that?

now the restaurant is mainly divided into three kinds of patterns. A kind of culture for people to open the shop, the main reaction in two levels: first, the decoration of the store has a theme, a culture; the two is the store service culture. This is mainly reflected in some high-end stores. The second pattern is no cultural people to open the shop, mostly small and medium-sized shops, they are selling food to customers, in order and serve the service process, there is no management. Three Hong Kong imported tea restaurant, in the environment, culture, improve service, but in the food service, it is in the show, the formation of two contrast with the mainland food store. One is that there is no content services, one is no content and services.



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