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What are the advantages of investing in health porridge

Rice porridge is what we usually sense like porridge, steamed stuffed bun Steamed Buns has become an indispensable part of life Chinese, today Xiaobian to recommend is a relatively good porridge to join the brand – Kang Kee good porridge road.

Kang good porridge Road Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 into the food and beverage industry, has been in Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Taiyuan, Kunming and other places in various types of restaurants, restaurants, star hotel. By learning and understanding for many years in the catering industry, founded in 2000, "Kang Kee good porridge road in Kunming, the Guangdong area of old beautiful porridge, nourishing stew, exquisite snacks such as health food into Kunming, and Cantonese restaurant fast tekan remember good porridge road to join to create deep color. To serve the people’s livelihood, green health new series of Chinese fast food.

Kang good porridge road has been to follow the good life good neighbors good taste business philosophy, adhering to the purpose of the people close to the people, adhere to the public to provide health and health, convenient and fast food. The reasonable way of eating health food and health maintenance base, "Kang Kee good porridge road with you to create a wonderfull life, do your good neighbors, good taste for your food, people love the restaurant next door.

What is the advantage of

investment to record good porridge road?

advantage one: the market risk is small – let you have success

"Kang Kee good porridge road" to delicate and beautiful products, reasonable product structure, accurate market positioning, won the favor of target customers. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people advocate green food, pay attention to nutrition and healthy diet. Good porridge road conform to the trend of the times, to "nutrition health, delicious fashion" as the theme of consumption, won a larger market space. At the same time, good porridge road to 200 square meters of stores as the standard store, small investment, greatly reducing the investment risk!

advantage two: exclusive formula, unique flavor, let your market competition invincible hand

"Kang Kee good porridge road" to Hong Kong and Macao porridge, snacks, snacks based products. Through the reasonable ratio of industrial processing and seasoning production procedures, can achieve completely standardized product core condiment company through homegrown approach to ensure the uniqueness of the ingredients, so as to improve the single core competitiveness in the market management. The company according to the needs of consumers, the 10 series more than 100 kinds of products from the appliance to taste, have carried out comprehensive integration from the quality of raw materials, product sales structure and developed more than and 20 kinds of flavor type, fully meet the wide choice of consumers. Its unique taste, flavor of the compound so that the store in the same dining market has absolute competitive advantage >


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