Secret nternet part of the fire inside

With the increasing number of Internet services,

Internet industry, the growing demand for part-time jobs, more and more college students to join this part-time industry. Why the Internet industry so part-time? Next, the future of the Internet in the future part of the fire inside.

2014 for college students part-time industry, is fast for a year, and this year can be said to be very hot, we can understand the hot degree of this industry through such a series of financial data: March, part-time cat got millions of dollars level A round of financing; in April, 10 million by bluerun on deer the yuan angel investment; May, pocket also received tens of millions of part-time A round of financing…

"Internet plus part-time" time to become a new outlet of entrepreneurs and investors chase, I had a part-time business experience (but unfortunately failed), in this industry quite touched, in my opinion, part-time industry is hot, can be said to be natural, and the result of joint action.

A, industry has long standing and obvious

user pain pointsThe traditional way of

the above this kind of situation is real, and very common, in addition to low wages, the two sides did not sign any part-time labor agreements, students and businesses have no security, the whole process is completely in the "vacuum", safety has become a big problem, the payment of wages has become a lot of casual, plus a lot of experience "" cheater inside, leading industry become part-time students cheated, dragons and fishes jumbled together, is It is quite common for dove.


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