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Panzhihua University the third generation of youth college students entrepreneurship plan competiti

may be in order to encourage college students to start their own business, perhaps in order to select a more outstanding entrepreneurial projects, in short, under the current entrepreneurial tide, a variety of entrepreneurship contest is held. The Panzhihua University Entrepreneurship Competition Finals held on the day before, attractive numerous student entrepreneurs.

5 on the afternoon of 12 may, the Panzhihua University, the third "Youth" college students entrepreneurship Contest Finals held in the auditorium. President Huang Shuanghua, deputy secretary and Secretary of the Party committee Li Shangzhi, vice president Shi Weifu, Party members, Panzhihua City Commercial Bank, the Secretary of the board of directors Shi Lei, the Department of scientific research, recruit students department, responsible person (Committee), two college students work and the person in charge of Secretary of the Communist Youth League, Panzhihua University teachers and students to watch the game.

PPT, the project team by the respondent, multi angle full explanation of the development direction of entrepreneurial projects and prospects, showing the "Internet plus", integration, diversification of service innovation pattern, brought a wonderful visual feast for everyone. Through the new media vote, the production of 300 tons of high-quality titanium alloy ball powder, 4000 tons of titanium alloy, the project won the first prize.

Huang Shuanghua speech. He stressed that only with basic knowledge, strong sense of innovation, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit, is in line with social needs, welcomed by the enterprise talent. He hoped that the students cherish the opportunity to exercise in school, study hard, to lay a good foundation; cherish and create school innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities, help their development; emphasis on cooperation, adhere to the win-win situation, make innovation leader, social leader.

It is reported that

, the tournament is divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in three stages, 34 teams selected from 104 teams in the qualifications has been "a business plan competition into the Provincial Youth College, one of the best 10 teams for the final.

as a very strict correlation finals, to enter the finals, are enough to let us know the advantages of such an entrepreneurial project. Of course, with the start of the entrepreneurial finals, the development of entrepreneurship for the Panzhihua University will naturally have a greater role in promoting.

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