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Venture capital investment in the summer of thirty thousand entrepreneurial projects

summer has quietly come, we will usher in the peak season of a year of entrepreneurship. Nearly two weeks, a lot of friends have to consult with us in the summer of small business projects. Xiao Bian through the market survey and interviews with the relevant industry franchisee, to bring you three more lucrative profits, the higher the success rate of investment projects, there are intentions of you, may wish to look at it!


Analysis of

economic benefits: each drink for the cost of 2 yuan, the retail price of 7 yuan (the price is the lowest), conservative estimates of daily sales 100 cups, profit 5=500 yuan every day 100×. Remove the wages and raw material costs, net profit per day in more than 300 yuan, annual 5-10 month sales season, 6 months and 30 days of × × 300 yuan =54000 yuan.

marketing proposals

1. site should be located in the downtown area of the city, signs must be eye-catching, preferably near the school, for students to accept new things faster.

2. opened on the same day can take free trial drink promotions, so that more people understand.

3. project investment less, back to the fast, family, laid-off workers can do, is to solve the employment of a good project.

Analysis of

Product features:

economic benefits: ice business of low cost, high profit. Cost of about 0.2-2 yuan per cup, the price can be set to 5-10 yuan. As long as 15 to 20 square meters of floor, it is best in the downtown area, but also open business. The equipment required: ice machine, a refrigerator or freezer, ordinary furniture, glass, disposable plastic cup (paper), 1-2 name >


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