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Senior entrepreneurs on entrepreneurial beginners words

novice entrepreneurs will inevitably grasp the mind, he needs to learn more entrepreneurial experience to new entrepreneurs. There are senior entrepreneurs to entrepreneurial beginners letter, the wisdom of entrepreneurship is very rich, for the novice entrepreneurs will have a very big help. Entrepreneurs who have proposed to plan to be able to read.

counter intuitive

A lot of things in your business and

professional knowledge

second counter intuitive: entrepreneurs know whether a large number of entrepreneurial knowledge is not important. Whether a company is successful or not has nothing to do with whether the founders are experts in the field of entrepreneurship. Success depends only on whether or not you become an expert in the area of the user and solve the problem. Zuckerberg was not successful because he was an entrepreneur, he succeeded because he did a good job of understanding his customers.

instead, my brain will alarm sounded, because no experience of entrepreneurs, often make another mistake is: according to the steps of entrepreneurship. They made up some specious


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