How to name clothing store

because clothing can be said to be a necessity of people’s lives, therefore, the number of investors engaged in the clothing business is very much. Open a clothing store has a good name is very important, a good name can give you the clothing store to bring customers to promote sales, which makes the shop Business Flourishes. Therefore, the name of the clothing store is a very critical issue. But the name is very annoying thing, how to start?

generally speaking, clothing store name generally from the following points:

1, poems, allusions, historical anecdotes named

This clothing store named

method has concise philosophical artistic appeal. In the water side.

2, according to the principle of Chinese characters named

is China Chinese characters unique cultural connotation, subtle and beautiful shape, with countless changes. According to the principle of Chinese characters are often given to the master, memorable feeling. In the process of naming the clothing store, the meaning of health, the impact and the modern sense of taste, depth, easy to spread. Of or relating to, or characteristic of, or artistic conception, or a unique conception. The temperament to have rhythm easy to pronounce. Glyph to be creative, easy to identify, concise and lively, dignified solemn. Su Yi: like neon, Ni, rhyme charm etc..

3, the name of the extreme dialectical aesthetics named

this is a form of ugliness, to reflect the essence of the United States, so that the name of the clothing store shop prominent features, the impact of the name of the deep way. For example, Tianjin’s "Goubuli", the clever use of "dog meat, good" folk slang, with extremely ugly name contrast fresh and vivid content, to meet the consumer "odd" mentality, by buying interest, and the mingyangtianxia.

4, the name of the regional culture

this method is to store the name of the location of the company to change or to contain the cultural implication of the name. Let people mention the name of the store, you can think of a place of history, culture, landscape, property, etc.. Therefore, place names often become the name of the choice of clothing store material often considered. Such as: West Lake, the ghost of the small pond.

5, in English homophonic named

this naming method often gives people a fashion, avant-garde, trendy feeling. For example, China’s "YOUNGOR" costumes, they will be taken from the English "Younger"" (young, youthful) homophonic. However, the clothing store operators should avoid using too uncommon English homophonic words, misleading is The loss outweighs the gain. >


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