Outdoor furniture ten brands list

in the increasingly high demand for quality of life, a lot of people for outdoor living place is more and more attention. And want to enjoy outdoor life, nature also need outdoor furniture as a support. After all, furniture is an indispensable tool for people’s life, work and social activities, and a common product which aims at satisfying the needs of life and pursuing visual performance and ideal. Then, outdoor furniture is mainly used for outdoor or semi outdoor furniture for public activities, which is the basis for determining the material space and function of outdoor space. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce outdoor furniture ten brands list, if there is demand in this area, can be used as a reference.

outdoor furniture ten brands list: NO.1


As a high-end furniture

Fei Vatican garden Home Furnishing leading brand, since 1985, has been focused on the design and production of high-end outdoor furniture, and the famous American furniture designer to create the American furniture brand calloch. Fei Vatican brand furniture adhere to the classic, the pursuit of quality, but also combines the era of quality life and absorb advanced technology and design philosophy, modern humanities, art and aesthetics; portrait interpretation of American luxury classic furniture, master style, international quality, highlighting the extraordinary charm of nature. Service customers around the world including the United States top furniture sales service providers Restorationhardware, Frontgate, lexingtony and has a hundred years history of the British company HartmanUK, is currently the main manufacturer of the United States, Canada, Britain and other aluminum outdoor furniture market.

outdoor furniture ten brands list: NO.2


It is Home Furnishing and

hymn 2006 officially landed China, committed to the consumer interpretation of a healthy lifestyle, leading a lifestyle. Products from the design concept, the structure to the selection of each detail experience are interpreted to consumers a new concept and way of life. The brand of British GLOSTER, United States TUUCI, Belgium ROYAL BOTANIA, German DEDON and other top international outdoor Home Furnishing classic, full of imagination and design quality of dining tables and chairs, chairs, beach chairs, hammocks and all kinds of sofa and furniture, outdoor furniture can be arranged in a hymn to the garden, garden, swimming pool, and cafe clubs and other leisure places.

outdoor furniture ten brands list NO.3:Agio

Agio, the history of the United States has more than 30 years, has been a leader in high-end fashion leisure furniture industry. Agio led the world’s latest trend of home improvement industry, so that the living space is no longer confined to the indoor living room, study and lying


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