Sales = chat chat will make money

whether the salesman, or the company, have to deal with customers, have to sell their products or services, so as to have a performance. In many people’s eyes, the sale is a chore, in fact, not necessarily, the most important way to find.

1, the real sales is a pleasant chat process; talk to each other’s wishes, talk about each other’s concerns, talk about how to complete each other’s wishes, talk about how to take away each other’s concerns.

2, real sales no opposition position, no Buyer no seller.

3, the real sales is to solve the problem for each other wholeheartedly.

4, real sales do not need to convince customers.

5, real sales have no pressure on each other.

6, the real sales is what we say is the other side want to hear, we sell the other party want.

7, the real sales are full of sense of value and meaning.

8,   real sales, after the other will say thank you.

real sales only two steps:

: first try to understand the wishes of customers and concerns.



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