Taobao shop name can grasp what skills

who knows, if the store can have a suitable name for the operation of the store will have a very important influence. However, although many people know the importance of the shop name, but how it is still a problem. In fact, if you can master the relevant skills, the name can also be very easy. Not only how the store, Taobao shops can also be so natural. So, Taobao shop name can grasp what skills?

avoid using numbers and letters

letters and numbers to hard to remember than Chinese characters, who intend to do business with foreigners say.

Taobao shop name taboo

Taobao shop name taboo people can not touch the mind, such as the combination of letters, or imitate the name of another person to change the phenomenon of a word. These are not too sensible, name should be easy to read, easy to remember. Catchy, don’t use the partial words, strange words, words are the best way to promote their own name. Think, if the customer wants to recommend your shop, but because you do not know the name but had to say to others: "you go to buy that what to shop, there clothes", "that what" who look.

long term operating

For example,

, a clothing based, compatible with bags and children’s toys store, according to the general approach, take the name of the fashion house, such as priority. However, if you do not open the store is the ultimate goal, in a certain period of time to set up a Taobao shop. Now the name must think for the future development, unless you want to try again in a few years. At the same time, business process in the future, to meet the needs of the new situation, can not say that there is no change management of other commodities, the combination of these factors, we need to take a neutral name, with regional characteristics and can lead others to pay attention.

can reflect your strengths

online shopping reputation is the most important. If your Taobao store credit is high. It is reflected in the name of. For example, contain "100% praise" in the name of "crown seller" etc..

can be seen through the name of the main product


name must be consistent with the management of goods, to be able to reflect the operating characteristics of the stores, consumers easily identify shops operating range, and have the desire to buy. The name is related to your store is likely to check others. Users of Taobao search, most input what you want, for example: Men’s and women’s wear and other key, if your name contains such keywords, so that others can be searched.

for example "fashion"


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