Nostalgia strategy clever use


we make a promotional products, there are many entrepreneurial franchisees skillfully which consumers nostalgic nostalgic thoughts, but not every product is suitable for the use of "nostalgia" strategy.

1, with the consumer’s "ideas" in the "old"".

the advertised brand may not have a long history, but it is not between many consumers and the story, but with typical fragments depicting their life experience or have a good consumer association, then the appropriate content into their own brand, to evoke specific people’s emotional memories, to accept their own brand. This practice, the popular talk is to take the consumer emotional memories of the ride, but the details can not be allowed to dig. Zhou Runfa starred in the popular short advertisement is the case on behalf of embellish. At that time many people will embellish the success of a major key effect attributed to the nostalgic advertising, objectively speaking really some exaggeration. In the current market environment, shampoo brand limited competition, this is because of nostalgia advertisement expression novel remembered it, remember also embellish brand, coupled with the Chongqing olive parent brand appeal, consumers buy products that will embellish water drains into the. Such as the wave of beer, like the grounds of Shanghai, advertising, is to go this route.

2, with its own brand of "old"".

3, pregnant with their own products "old".

this is nostalgia advertisement propaganda style, basically is in the form of three, I hope everyone can find opportunities from.

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