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Jane porridge road joining process introduction

many investors are more fancy to join the project health porridge, porridge for many brands are more optimistic about Jane porridge, but do not know how to do, so for all the detail of Jane porridge road joining process.

Jane porridge road joining process:

1, consulting investment matters

want to invest in the franchisee can call the headquarters to join the phone or online message, etc. to the headquarters of the Advisory details of the investment, and access to relevant information.

2, field survey

appointment time to the company headquarters to investigate the actual strength of the company and specific projects.

3, apply to join

fill in the application form, submitted to headquarters to express their intention to join.

4, determine the partnership

agreed by the two sides signed an agreement to join

5, location

sent professionals to conduct on-site inspections of the store, to confirm the engineering conditions (such as the floor, the amount of electricity, on the water, exhaust air, etc.), the legal review of the shop lease contract for the franchisee to fight for more rights and interests.

6, store decoration

headquarters to provide a unified interior design and decoration renderings, water and electricity construction plans and store signs and other image drawings for the franchisee decoration.

7, training

training is very helpful for the franchisee, with the headquarters of the training support, to join the store in order to enter the state of operation, fast profit.

8, opening preparation

headquarters will assist you in the opening of the preparation, such as a variety of materials ordering, business planning, etc., to help you successfully opened.

9, franchise operations

select auspicious opened stores, formal operation.


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