Tea shop to join matters needing attention

on the market want to start a successful business too many people, we choose a suitable project, and then to this goal and constantly strive to achieve their career. Milk tea shop to join the small business to get rich good project to help you achieve a better future.

how to join the tea shop? Now for the small tea shop on the street, perhaps you are not unfamiliar, then how to join the tea shop? We are here to introduce you to the introduction of this mini tea shop business, tell you to open a tea shop to make money, let you know how to open tea shop now.


plus the cost of decoration, refined decoration investment in about 20 thousand to 30 thousand yuan, while the majority of tea shop decoration is only around 10 thousand yuan is enough. As for the initial needs of raw materials, the purchase amount is not too much, about 3000 yuan. This calculation, the total investment in a tea shop opened in general can be propped up within 100 thousand yuan. If you save a little, at least 70 thousand yuan investment can be the boss. However, some do not have any experience in the business of milk tea shop owner, to join a business and the market has been ripe chain tea shop may be the most convenient way.

T8 milk tea shop owner in this small tea shop opened before, but also to a few small Hangzhou has been known about the chain of milk tea. And T8’s boss, the boss is also high jiamengfei scared to turn away, then after making inquiries to find the name of a multi passenger station Jiaxing store, join the cost only 20 thousand yuan.

"computer press and press, think back to turn this to open the tea shop." How is the students and young people money into a projectile shop, will be confused by the dense list on the beverage type, can not imagine such a few square meters of the projectile shop, the equipment are in your nose, almost "millet plus rifles" the pattern that can change into so many things, but also with the season change frequently increased in season varieties.


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