How to open a mobile phone shop

hand a cell phone, under the current economic conditions in China has almost been popular, because of this, many people will think of investing in a mobile phone shop to make money. However, entrepreneurship is not a simple shop to talk about, naturally will involve more factors. So, how to open a mobile phone shop?

now many college graduates find it hard to find a job, there are a lot of young couple want to make more money to support their families, in fact, for them, is a good choice of a mobile phone shop. However, many people feel that now we have a mobile phone, the mobile phone market will be saturated ah? Industry experts told us that due to the recent rapid replacement of mobile phones, many people are a year for a cell phone, so now open a mobile phone store is still promising! Then we have to consider is how to open a mobile phone shop!

first we have to consider the location problem. Open mobile phone shop as far as possible not to choose a small population of the town, the center of the city is not the best, because the rent is too expensive, the best between the two. Analysis of competitors is also an important aspect of customer traffic analysis. The location of the store should try to choose the relative concentration of similar shops and the development prospects of the place, which is more favorable for the operation of a unique commodity shop.

followed by mobile phone brand choice. Now we are mainly based on domestic machines, such as HUAWEI, millet, etc., high profit margins, began to make profits, brand earn less, but can not do, such as apple, Samsung, etc..

said that the choice of the brand can not say that the purchase channels. Purchase of goods is very important, with the supply is much easier, the more expensive the higher the supply of goods, the more stable the source of the smaller the risk of business. If you do not rest assured that other channels, you can also choose a brand to join the investment.

in order to ensure the continuity and development of the mobile phone store business, after-sales must do a good job, how to do a good job of after-sales service? As long as you think about the user’s mobile phone, the time to repair the heart, and to provide some of the skills of mobile phone users will be very satisfied, but also to visit again.

in short, now the mobile phone market still has a lot of room for development, if you want to venture capital, operating the mobile phone business will be a very good choice. Of course, if you want to successfully open a mobile phone shop, the above points also need to pay attention to.


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