How to join the subway shop


hot drinks consumption mainly carbonated drinks, wine and so on, but with the improvement of living standards, health awareness has gradually become one of the prerequisites of consumer consumption, what kind of drink is healthy, what kind of beverage project is the market. Tea is undoubtedly one of the. Subway drinks are the most popular consumer drinks store, in the face of huge profits, subway drinks have become a consistent choice for investors to join.

is a popular drink to join the underground railway project, which adhere to the natural green business model, without any additives, all drinks are also selling is done now, and the modern people to pursue the concept of diet is very fit, not only that, all of the franchisee can get full helping headquarters, even if there is no experience of investors also, you can realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

how to join the subway beverage shop, join the process as follows:

1, click on the proxy query whether you join the region is a proxy.

2, investigate the local consumer market situation and development trend.

3, contact regional agents to determine the intention to join and investment scale.

4, under the guidance of the agent, the final location of the program.

5, click on the "subway" beverage franchise agreement to clear the two sides cooperation, rights and obligations.

6, pay all costs, with the regional agent signed the "subway" beverage franchise agreement.

7, appointed by the regional agent 7-30 days of on-the-job training, training during the preparation of the shop.

8, training assessment, the shop opened.

subway beverage stores let you not only run the tea shop, including the classic Hong Kong style tea, Fresh Ground Coffee, mousse smoothies and other products, let you easily earn a wealth of life. MTR milk tea shop to join, is the first choice to join the brand drinks.


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