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Summary 2015 he went out of business for a year out of 20 marathons

have you finished your 2015 year-end summary? Whether it is a harvest or barren, 2015 has passed, it is time to take stock of the past, summed up the experience of the. As a food store boss Lu dada in 2015 out of the 20 marathon, all for entrepreneurship.

: "Japanese restaurant is my second job, before reporters for 11 years." In Nanjing city next to Hong Yue, a company called "Guyu said the shop, quite popular and reputation in the diet industry, while its owner is south wit Lu dada. As a reporter for a newspaper in Shanghai, the 11 year old, who has been fighting for a long time, wrote a lot of weighty reports, including the first line of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008.

and most of the young people in modern times, people think Lu rest time is disorder, "two or three often sleep, get up at 9." Mobile Internet access for a long time, in his words is often brush……" Although the paper reading did not give up, but because more and more professional business reasons, this year the more than and 20 hardcover book, full of wine, with daily feeding, food, sea creature, "at the end of the day or for work."

2015 years, Lu dada went to 9 cities, while tourism is 0. "It’s all because of work, because entrepreneurship. Find food, find resources, study excellent shops……" These footprints, in his opinion, is "worth it"".

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