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Laid off workers turned into a million little boss 1 years to open the store earned 100 of the 3

laid-off workers after the success of the venture has a lot of stories, today, Xiaobian to share with you a. Huang Yong Tan, a simple and honest face. From laid-off workers turned into an annual output value of one million yuan a small boss, he only spent a year. He said that through the entrepreneurial training of learning, they have the courage to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, although a small business, the income is 10 times higher than the working time, but also solve the work of 7 laid-off workers.

one after another unemployment trigger entrepreneurial idea

2001 in September, 32 year old Huang Yong from the construction company to lay off the Wu, this is not a wealthy family almost into trouble. Huang Yong worked as a driver, sold security doors, temporary workers…… By the end of 2004, after a friend introduced, Huang Yong finally found a job in a trade company — responsible for the construction of a warehouse of 7000 square meters. After the completion of the project in 2005, he lost his job again.

2006 November, Huang Yong learned that the Department of labor for laid-off workers free entrepreneurship training, quickly enrolled. A class, Huang Yong was attracted by it, easy to understand, many have been condensed by break in the heart of the mystery." "If you don’t have too much money, start with micro projects." Before starting the business must grasp the following five points: the analysis of the market, identify the project, select the brand, grasp the pulse of the market, find their own advantages and make the project to develop a business plan. The teacher’s advice to Huang Yong inspired.

at this time, a friend told him a message, Yang anti-theft door installation company launched a new product – the interior door, looking for agents, pre need to invest 200 thousand, if a fast turnover, lucrative. Huang Yong will make the project plan, a wide range of analysis, the conclusion is that can be put into. However, suffer from lack of funds, only to find partners, each 100 thousand yuan, Huang Yong also find friends and relatives borrowed $seventy thousand or eighty thousand.

2011 in April, Huang Yong’s first store opened in the street by chance, facade sharing, monthly rent 3000 yuan.

he every day to run the New District, 18 storey building went up from door to door to distribute leaflets. Although hard, can harvest a lot, every 100 leaflets, about 30 customers will contact Huang Yong. "Oriental vista, Xiyuan, Han Tianjia park.


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