Ming Ding steamed bun shop to join the notes

Ming Ding steamed stuffed bun shop – the leading brand in the shop, the United States and the United States in the morning, eat a good breakfast on the election of the Ding Ding shop. Delicious steamed stuffed bun with exquisite small side dishes, and the perfect partner cooked food, so that you do not eat breakfast at a roadside stand, enjoy the luxury of buns. Because the Ming Ding Baozipu renowned Chinese, a lot of people to join, but there are a lot of people unknown rules can only be failed, so in this small series will give a detailed description of Ming Ding Baozipu joined

Ming Ding Baozipu stuffing large thin, beautiful appearance, strong soft food, delicious, juicy and refreshing aftertaste. Ding Ming Baozipu dumplings variety, both traditional onion meat, pork balls, leek and potato, added ribs bags, zucchini shrimp, spicy squid, Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork etc..

since the beginning of 2009, Ding steamed stuffed bun embarked on the road of chain management, with a unified logo, a unified business model, a unified main category, a unified price standard, a unified quality standards and service standards. The operation of the stores are taken bright kitchen stoves, with transparent light.

cooperation requirements

as long as you have the approval mingdiing big confidence and hard pioneer spirit, good management skills and able to raise 70 thousand yuan venture capital investment cooperation (a fee of more than 50 square meters shop: eighteen thousand yuan (ten thousand yuan fee) + equipment investment +5 thousand yuan of right and left the store decoration +3 million about the rental store +5 thousand yuan of liquidity), can cooperate mingdiing bag. By my company to provide mingdiing bag shop full cooperation business model, marketing strategy, technical service and perfect industry training to the author for many years; and is responsible for technical guidance and auxiliary raw materials supplied by the partners; the number of training set (usually 2-4), training time, learners completely grasp the full set of technology whichever (usually 7-10 days) during the training, free accommodation arranged by our company, and do not charge any other expense. Cooperative store opening, according to the company of professional and technical personnel to need assistance and guidance (expenditure required by the partners themselves); offer partners a unified brand image, store, posters, advertising design; partners according to their store size in strict accordance with the image of the store design and decoration scheme provided by the headquarters, self decoration.

cooperation rules

The scope of protection of

for each partner is determined according to the area density and economic ability (Note: the headquarters will have the intention to do the general agent to join, join a month since the opening area retained by the franchisee in the store and then decide whether to buy the two store). A distance of not less than one kilometer, the headquarters will be according to the difference of each region to distinguish between, and cooperation from the business point of view to draw.


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