Balabala children joined make money

children’s clothing to join the project selection, for entrepreneurs, is a very powerful choice. How about Barbara? The best choice for health and comfort, worthy of our attention and join. If you Balabala children to join the project, is also very interested, right up to my advice!

Balabala brand was founded in 2002, is a leading international view are popular children’s clothing brand China. Balabala children’s clothing brand to join advocate " " childhood is not the same; the brand concept, to provide both stylish and practical children’s apparel products for children, suitable for different occasions and activities, let the children enjoy free childhood.

Balabala clothing, shoes, accessories, children’s clothing to join the brand category has a comprehensive coverage of children aged 0-16. Balabala consumer shopping experience, a one-stop retail space to provide a variety of professional fashion products, continue to create richchoice value for money consumption value. Balabala is trying to achieve the world children’s clothing benchmarking brand vision.

Balabala children joined

shop requirements: have the right store. The store area of more than 60 square meters, shop plaque and internal width of more than 3.5 meters and the location of the local core values

funding requirements: the case has been suitable for the store in addition to rent should also have a capital of 200 thousand -40 million.

personnel requirements: Balabala highly recognized brand concept, can keep up with the pace of development of Bala, can cause

Balabala whole-heartedly


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