Close interview know almost CEO Zhou Yuan

know that almost all young people are now concerned about the growth rate of its fans is amazing. Today, let us work together to understand the source of almost CEO weeks. I have been recruiting, but it is difficult to recruit a reliable person." Said this time, Q & a community know almost CEO weeks sitting in the name "source" with the conference room, meeting room next door "against" (from known famous "agree", "no" button) is an interview.

"Wudaokou hundred square meters of sun   Loft, south of the center of the universe, the North Olympic Park, Qinghe around, along the subway, supermarket pharmacies KTV summer park Goods are available in all varieties., around birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, girl. Come to the interview today, go to work next week. Stop writing endless code   /    /  revising; demand   /  hand written documents, rushed to join the bag." Almost all of the ads hang on micro-blog for a few months, many candidates, suitable few.

The first

this book how to choose from the business direction to choose from partners; how to find investment, how to launch products, management team, explains the 103 entrepreneurial topics, the collective wisdom of all content from known users.

2013 in December 18th, launched a "know the business online in the United States, we in the know about what?" published the congregation to raise the limit of 1000 people, plans to spend 99 yuan per person can become a "joint book publisher" was printed on the cover cover their signature collection books.

known before this activity did not do too much to preheat, only in the "intellectual youth" column posted a notice on the article, did not expect to cause a lot of known powder of interest, to participate in the field of publishing test. Activities on the line less than 10 minutes, the congregation raised the number of 1000 robbed light. Even know almost co-founder, COO Huang Jixin did not help friends grab success.

the congregation to raise 99 thousand of the money, all for the first edition of the publication of books. A collection of books printed with personal names


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