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A business opportunity you don’t know digital skin shop

to their own skin beauty, which is very common in the current market, after all, the development of the beauty industry has been so rapid, but you have heard of the number of skin treatment? Now digital products are more and more, which shows that this is a good business opportunities.

from Singapore digital skin, is to give the digital products personalized service envelope. Digital products can be kept away from scratch trouble, so that your digital products full of personality, new, unique. Products can be packaged, including mobile phones, MP4, digital cameras pspxbox video games, games, notebooks and other common machines on the market and other suitable for various kinds of coated machine.

1, digital equipment and printing supplies: the need for professional thermal transfer printer, ribbon, to carry out the business of advanced film, computer, can consider buying a digital camera, scanner, etc..

2, the cost of processing: the whole process of charging in about 500 yuan (including the local business application form to apply for a business license, and then to the tax office of tax registration certificate), the time is about 15 to 30 days, the different parts of the country.

3, shop and renovation costs: according to the actual flexibility of each entrepreneur can be adjusted. 4, supplies and raw materials a number of spare: according to the specific operation of the store. 5, the flow of funds to maintain a normal operating state, you can also use this fund to carry out related marketing work.

Analysis of

has a digital product, everyone love toss, today to buy this film, buy the back tomorrow, which shows that the market demand is very big, so what are you waiting for? Open a digital skin shop to make money!


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