Fujian new regulations on provident fund

in daily life, the fund has a certain impact on our lives, not only can be used to buy a house loan, also can be drawn out for consumption, but in the past the work once the change for the use of funds is difficult. Fujian provincial government issued "on the day before issuing new consumption play a positive leading role notice" action plan to upgrade, the reporter learned that Fujian province is accelerating the supply side structural reform policies, provide more lasting power, stronger upgrade to promote economic quality and efficiency. Here is a small series together to understand, Fujian on the new provisions of the fund.

keyword: Express is expected to be cheaper

it is understood that Fujian will launch a smooth operation of urban commodity sales, improve the overall network of railway logistics. To speed up the construction of 6 railway logistics bases such as Du Tong, Huang Tong, Sanming north, Long Yandong, etc., and the construction of the distribution center of the city’s 13 and three levels of railway logistics, such as the one or two and the third.

at the same time, reduce logistics costs, upgrading and building a number of regional integrated logistics park and professional commodity logistics park, accelerate the construction of electricity supplier logistics park, industrial park and Airport Express Logistics Park and wisdom, express mail processing center, warehouse distribution center, intelligent letter box (intelligent delivery terminal) City Express infrastructure etc..

Fujian will push rural consumption upgrade action. Accelerate the construction of rural electricity supplier integrated service network, the new and the transformation of the 200 rural integrated information service network. Support community convenience stores, chain stores, farm shop, the development of online and offline cooperative shop integrated e-commerce marketing model, and equipped with courier services, courier service comprehensive construction site, promote the network set shop to take model innovation, construction of agricultural products (000061, stock it) into the city and countryside of the two-way linkage net goods sales system.

Keywords: housing consumption

Fujian will launch residential housing improvement actions to stabilize housing consumption expectations. Accelerate the reform of the household registration system, the full implementation of the residence permit system. To further simplify the transfer of agricultural population settled procedures to support the purchase of farmers into the city. Reasonably determine the real estate land supply plan, control the rhythm of land supply, optimize the structure of land supply. Commercial office space inventory pile up in excess of requirement of the city, according to the relevant regulations significantly reduced until suspend the supply of commercial office space, support real estate development enterprises will be commercial real estate projects (including SOHO) the whole or part of the transformation.

will be issued by the state of various types of affordable housing construction projects in Fujian all the cities and counties into the plan for the implementation of specific plots, so as to protect the insured, and the implementation of land approval green channel". Encourage the development of enterprises will be vacant commodity housing for rent, to support the development of the main business of rental housing


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