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Chen Xiangyu team entrepreneurial dream in Shenzhen round

in the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, technology upstart is popular. In Shenzhen, the economy, science and technology developed cities, want to create a belongs to their own world, there is no real skill is not really. The more entrepreneurial opportunities, the higher the entrepreneurial platform.


"80" Shenzhen entrepreneur Chen Xiangyu team founded the Shenzhen dream world Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "music funny game") to attract a large number of Chinese and foreign scientific and technological talents to join the company in August 2014 in the United States since the NASDAQ listing the number of employees has reached nearly 800 people, has become the largest distribution platform independent Mobile Games. The company will actively promote the domestic excellent game products to Canada, the United States and other markets, has become a successful high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen.



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