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Bear paw bag Taiwan creative small poineering good choice

Taiwan snacks have been popular in the market, the success has attracted a lot of attention franchisee. Many small entrepreneurs want to be a good opportunity to get rich, to get a smooth development. Bear paws Taiwan creative package is a good choice, can promote the smooth development of your snacks career, allowing more peace of mind.

in Taiwan: single store selling 6 NT $

bears the most popular delicacy popular night market in Taiwan District ". By "Kangxi", "fashion magazine", "special game player", "delicacy of" s Go "early adopters of let and other media reports and a strong recommendation.

in mainland China: a 10 square meters of micro hot shop Street

see far, never seen such a fire, there are people lined up every day, from opening to closing. Don’t know it, really feel shy say they are genuine, chowhound! Bursting with popularity, where to sell fire! A big restaurant a 10 stalls sales top


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