19 year old boy was successful

many people want to start a business, rely on business to achieve self value, to change the situation, but many people only think of their conscience, not satisfied with the status quo, hard work of courage, but the 19 year old child, but on the road of entrepreneurship break one day!

he carefully crafted micro-blog Encyclopedia for embarrassment ", less than a year has been sitting on more than 60 fans, among a hundred micro-blog grassroots website. In addition, the micro-blog also brings his peers beyond wealth, received by the soft advertising, every month he fetched $20 thousand, enough to make him comfortable.

Operation mode:

+ bangdakuan chuanbangdai

staring at a site micro-blog grassroots list, after consideration, Zhao Cheng provides several enterprises micro-blog as a partner. "The micro-blog told me about, 20 to 400 thousand fans, the needs of enterprise development with micro-blog’s influence, I also need their fans, they soon reached a tacit understanding, I turned my hair, they also turn, which caused the attention of fans of each other." Zhao Cheng called "chuanbangdai".

"you play micro-blog, micro-blog in the play you. Micro-blog decorate your life, you decorate it


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