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Analysis on the site selection of English education affiliate

English education institutions should be where to open better? It is important to choose an appropriate address for an educational business. Many investors in the location of the lack of experience, there are a lot of online learning resources, as long as you are willing to learn, you can do a good job site. Small make up a few points, hurry to see it.

secondly to investigate the market, pay attention to the flow of people and customer demand. The first is the shops along the street, the shops are a lot of entrepreneurs ideal location, so it is easy to recruit students, but living itself is advertising, shop rent expensive, and if in the downtown area, may be noisy, not conducive to teaching. The second is to rely on office buildings, this address is also the first choice for many of the training institutions entrepreneurs preferred way, the rent is cheaper than the former, and looks very tall on the feeling.

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