Mr joined the brand business volume

French rolls snacks in our Chinese catering market occupies an important position in investment. Mr. volume is China’s catering market authentic French pretzel products, Chinese Nutrition authentic French style and China consumers by combining the Mr. volume of French rolls quickly became the young men and women’s fashion snacks. Investors have come to visit the headquarters to join the wind.

mr. roll rolls the French fresh vegetables and meat quality by scientific collocation into rolls of products, make a small burritos gathered all kinds of nutrition. Chinese always pay attention to health and diet, raising the five colored red, Yangxin food, green food and yellow food, nourishing spleen, nourishing white food, black nourishing food. Mr. Mexico is not only a roll, rolls French onion Beef Roulade, Orlean chicken roll, ham egg rolls, and iron iron skewers, vegetables, snacks, delicious hamburgers, French nutrition soup, salad cream, French main meal, meet different tastes, meet the nutritional needs per day.

mr volume join brand introduction:

mr. volume has ultra-low threshold to join, abandon the restrictions cumbersome and costly franchise franchise fee, business shop only 5 square meters to 10 square meters. The joining fee is 16800 yuan, the potential store is 11 square meters to 20 square meters, the franchise fee is 25800 yuan, more than 21 square meters belongs to our platinum store, join fee is 34800 yuan, while the fee including the technology transfer fees, training fees, all distribution, operational guidance during the training fee, accommodation, advertising fees, so overall, join the Mr. volume investment is little French rolls, so the back is also very fast, and the lucrative.

mr. volume French business scope is not limited. The store, big and small, both in store operations can also be used to form a mobile business dining car. The taste of the customer did not say bad. Mr. roll rolls French go to where the French flavor is brought to let customers without going abroad to experience French style



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