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Retail customers in the Spring Festival stocking also need to do four work

do a good job in the Spring Festival, which will promote the store to earn more wealth during the spring festival. Therefore, any one of the shops if you want to grasp the good opportunity in the spring, you need to work in the above stocking. Zhou manager, this year’s Spring Festival my goods, especially cigarettes and less prepared to work with cigarettes are not enough." After the Spring Festival every year, I will hear the voice of the retail customers. Combined with work practice, the author believes that to do a good job during the spring festival goods stocking, retail customers to achieve four quasi:

consumer demand understanding. In the light of the situation of migrant workers, contact them in time to understand the needs of the cigarette brands, specifications and other information, accurate grasp of the workers at the site of the cigarette consumption situation, provide scientific reference for stocking.

mobile consumption. Before and after the Spring Festival every year, to grasp the flow of consumers is the key to the profitability of each store. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the time node in a timely manner to understand and grasp the consumer dynamics, accurate grasp of the surrounding areas to return home and return to change the situation, in order to seize the opportunity.

commodity structure upgrading. With the continuous improvement of people’s income, the consumer’s brand and quality requirements are also rising. Therefore, consumers should be appropriate to enhance the level of consumption of the commodity structure, not only to protect the needs of high-end consumers, but also to meet the needs of other consumers.

commodity inventory estimates. To a certain extent, the number and brand of the store inventory determines the profitability of the Spring Festival sales season. Retail customers should be combined with the survey of consumer demand, consumer demand for the promotion of the structure and the happy event with a relatively scientific and reasonable inventory forecast, to avoid the impact of profitability due to lack of inventory.

Every time

to the season of the year, for any one operator, is the most important natural preparation. However, how to do a good job of stocking, which is a big problem for operators. So, with the introduction of the above small series, if you are a retail customer, now you know how to do a good job in stock?


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