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Join the eight advantages of sea water introduction

health food and beverage recommended seafood restaurant. Since the introduction of brand: a way of keeping good health in Qing Dynasty, the intelligent part of the universe comes from the water, human food source Yu Hai.

Company Profile: clear sea food group was founded in August 2003, is a beautiful coastal city in northern China, Qingdao to establish a pure Japanese cuisine to operate a large high-end catering chain enterprises. Currently in Qingdao, Ji’nan, Binzhou, Harbin, the establishment of nine stores. The sea water shop design and decoration unified by Japanese folk culture style, to provide a unique flavor of traditional Japanese cuisine, with the Japanese standard of intimate and comfortable service, to create a pure Japanese style food culture style. Just a few years time, the sea water catering group has developed into the Shandong region and even the northern region of the most large-scale Japanese food and beverage enterprises.

sea water dishes to join? What are the conditions?

clear sea food join conditions:

1, with excellent management skills.

2, have strong investment ability and risk resistance ability.

joined the eight advantages of clear water

a strong brand advantage

choose a good brand, is the foundation of your success; choose a y support your business, is the guarantee of your success.

two, advanced concept advantage

sea water catering after many years of accumulated experience, with the system, science, advanced management concept of marketing and planning, can provide the perfect join for the franchisee, operating in support and help, constantly conveying advanced marketing management ideas and concepts to the franchisee, the franchisee to minimise the risk of investment.

three, the leading product advantage

headquarters with strong dishes technology R & D strength, has obvious advantages in product technology. Strictly adhering to the high starting point, high quality, high performance requirements, the quality has reached the industry technical standards.

four, ultra low cost advantage

company by virtue of the advantages of a large scale of operation, can be in the supply of products and facilities, given the franchisee’s unusual price, to ensure that the franchisee has the largest profit margins.

five, excellent management advantage

‘s business model: Based on water


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