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Chongqing rich new ideas online village to help poor households

Internet era of our economy and the formation of a close relationship with the Internet, a single entity economy has been unable to adapt to the development of the market, then the demand, so the active use of the Internet is very important. Reporters today from the Chongqing municipal Poverty Alleviation Office was informed that since the "Chongqing online village" the year before activities started in two months, a total of 17 million 790 thousand yuan of sales of agricultural products, cooperation in 2119 households, of which 820 households, poor households accounted for 39%, bringing 179 farmhouse consumption to achieve revenue 3 million 300 thousand yuan, driven by poor households on average the income of 9953 yuan.

in order to change the living situation of local people effectively, and improve the people’s living standard, the reporter understands, "online village" by "rural tourism + agricultural products" service mode, through the platform focused on planning a number of poverty-stricken areas and city community relative to the outing flowers, cool summer, spot picking, panic buying special purchases for the Spring Festival etc. the main contents of the rural tourism line experience and high-quality agricultural products into the community publicity and marketing activities, and guide the village service station or with the autonomous organization of rural tourism, promote local product sales. At the same time to guide consumers through online booking, offline experience, the way the trunk to buy, to solve the problem of difficult to buy fresh agricultural products in poor areas, to help farmers increase income.

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