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Do business how to deal with the customer a stubborn temper

temper can be seen everywhere, can be reflected in any aspect of life, but if it is to do business investment, encounter such stubborn customers, the relationship is not handled well, it will affect the development of business. However, for many shopkeepers, but do not know how to deal with such a group of customers. So, how to deal with the business of stubborn customers?

in the daily operation, often encounter some very stubborn customers, such as cigarettes, if there are no cigarette brands to, some grumbling, even temper: why, even this did not smoke, smoke it also. Some buy cigarettes suck on a feeling, taste right, just when they face "outspoken": This is the biggest.

in the face of such customers as a cigarette retailers, face-to-face, or ignore it for? Through the jurisdiction of some retail visits and inquiries, I summed up three countermeasures for cigarette retail friends reference.

and not angry. I think the shop is popular, with popularity, will have wealth. Therefore, as a store clerk, including Lord, must learn to "meet the world passenger service, the shop names of customers or common sense, not stubborn and preoccupied, savage and absurd, against each other, and even conflict.

remember, again and again stubborn unreasonable customers, as long as you are not intentional, "God" and friends. Treat them to a benign countenance, frank, is not a problem, the words are not violent anger. If you change your face, the customer will no longer visit your store next time. On the contrary, you laugh, not to care about, the customer will feel your sincere, there is no shelf, next to you must have or store to buy things.

jiehen. As the saying goes: words are the key to happiness. "Deal with" stubborn customers, in addition to not angry, but also to explain the work, let them down, drop down, no longer stubborn and stubborn. For example, for the customer to buy the cigarette, to explain their cigarette supply and supply of tobacco distribution policy, so that they understand the cigarette business is different from other general merchandise, not to enter the number of cigarettes will be able to enter the number of cigarettes, can not be arbitrary channels of purchase, but can not sell cigarettes. This interpretation, customers must understand, accept, next time naturally no dudunangnang, may buy other brands of cigarettes.

does not change the face. Explain to the customer in the process, easy to accept some customers, but there are also individual customers don’t listen, frequently contradict the one or two sentence, let you down. At this time, we must keep calm, calm the mind, patiently explained, "Huomaosanchi", not to mind taking the trouble and avoid "bristle". If you change your face, there will be "reasonable" embarrassing situation. Add >


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