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Strengthen the food and drug safety supervision in Shaanxi Province announced 10 typical cases Net

Although the level of social life of

has been significantly improved, but the people’s food safety issues and drug safety issues, in the market has also been widespread concern. How to spend money to buy quality food and medicine? Not only is the common concern of the majority of people, but also the relevant government departments can not be ignored. Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau announced today that the public security organs food and drug counterfeiting sword action of the top 10 typical cases, and the following Xiaobian to understand.


first, Xi’an City, such as a large illegal operation of drugs and health care products case

2016 in October 15th, after a month of careful investigation and comprehensive evidence, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau of food and Drug Investigation Detachment of police in a hotel in Xi’an high tech Zone a biological technology Co., a person in charge of finance, legal person arrested Lee and criminal detention. The investigation, since May 2015, the company is profiteering, by Lee et al, a sale of illegal drugs and health care products, and in the domestic TV stations in the name of drug advertising, and use of personal information in the elderly patients with illegally obtained, a wide range of telemarketing illegal drugs and health care products, a total of more than a year the sales amount of over ten million yuan. November 17th, dry and Lee was Xi’an City Procuratorate approved the arrest. The case is under further investigation.

two, Xi’an Zhang, Ren and other large production and sale of counterfeit cases

2016 at the beginning of June, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau of food and drug investigation by police detachment reconnaissance to obtain clues within the jurisdiction of people, the production and sale of counterfeit drugs. The detachment of police to act quickly on June 28th will be hidden in the car repair factory production and sales of counterfeit dens and gang. According to the suspect Zhang, Ren Mou to explain it in order to reap benefits, since July 2014, the use of renmou in the province of a large pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises as legal convenience, will produce good sales to more than 80 pieces of fake Chinese medicine pharmacy and medical institutions. Currently, the case has been transferred to the Xi’an Municipal People’s Procuratorate for prosecution.

three, Xi’an Zhang and other sales of counterfeit drugs (hyaluronic acid) case

2016 in March 9th, Xi’an City Public Security Bureau found new Bureau of food and Drug Investigation Brigade and food and drug supervision and management of law enforcement personnel joint inspection, located within the jurisdiction of the office of a beauty institutions have a lot of free Chinese label logo, hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and other drugs, the shop staff also acknowledged that the shop to carry out medical beauty services in the absence of any medical qualification situation.

3 29, the police will be arrested on suspicion of selling counterfeit drugs store owner Zhang captured. According to Zhang explained, in order to reap huge profits, he purchased from Guangzhou through the logistics of fake hyaluronic acid, Botox and other products, and high priced sales recommend


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