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Datong County Qing Lin Xiang held the Fifth Congress of the disabled

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the articles of Association for disabled persons, the

meeting listened to the work report of the presidium of the Fourth National People’s Congress of the Federation of the disabled people’s Republic of korea. The election of a new generation of rural disabled persons and representatives attended the Datong County People’s Federation of representatives of the fifth congress.

this meeting is to fully implement the "Seventeen" spirit, wholeheartedly for the disabled of the general assembly, is to mobilize the whole society to further promote the humanitarian spirit of caring, understanding and support to help disabled people of the general assembly, the majority of people with disabilities is to mobilize the township, unity and struggle, million people united as one man to promote the development of the cause of disabled people congress Qing Lin xiang. The victory of the General Assembly held for the township people with disabilities and their relatives and friends to bring hope to the whole community to show the youth of the cause of the boundless boundless bright prospects.  



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